Saturday, 1 December 2012

Some Essential Steps to Protect Your Facebook Account

Hi all users, In today’s world we all are living through the Internet in some form or another and Facebook is like our second home. Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world with more than 600 million users. In this post we'll provide you some steps to secure your online presence on Facebook (Facebook Security).

The very first step is to check your privacy settings so that you can have an idea about your current settings. In the upper right corner, click on the “Account” dropdown and select “privacy Settings”. If you have never accessed these particular settings before, you will see Facebook “recommended” settings by default. These default Facebook settings will reveal everything about you to the outside world i.e your photos, bio, family and relationship are all open to the world. It’s time to change them once and for all.

How To Customize Your Facebook Privacy Settings :

In order to customize your privacy you have to choose between Public, Friends and Custom. For each item, you have four choices i.e. Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends only and only Me. It’s upon you what information you really want to keep private and what’s not.

How To Approve Tags before they’re published ?

This new feature added by Facebook lets you approve the tagged photos and posts. Now no one can tag you in any photos without your approval.

To turn on this feature go to Account->Privacy Settings and select Profile and Tagging. Click on Edit next to Profile and Tagging and you will see a prompt window which will tell you to turn on the settings. Now if someone tags you in a status, photo or a place the post will appear in the Pending approval section on your profile.

How To Customize Your Privacy Setting For Albums and Photos ?

Your Images are the most important assets for you and just imagine if everyone get exposed to them. You always want to share your images with the people you know and keep them away from strangers.

To edit privacy settings of photo albums Go to your profile and click on photo section and click see all. Using audience selector tool under each album you can control who can see your photos.

How To Change Your Subscriber Settings ?

If you keep your subscriber search on then anyone can subscribe to your public posts and they can produce some inappropriate content on your wall. You don’t want to ruin your wall and public presence. So it’s a best idea to turn off subscriber search once and for all.

Go to Account Settings > Subscribers, and uncheck the “allow subscribers” box.

How To Limit the posts by others on your timeline ?

You can limit the number of people from viewing what others have posted on your wall.
Go to your privacy setting page; select “Edit Settings” located next to “How you connect” Now select the drop down menu of the last item i.e. “Who can see posts by others on your timeline?” and choose “Custom

You will find a box under “Hide this from,” just type the names of the people or the lists that you want to hide or keep away from viewing posts from others on your wall. Now click save changes.
Last but not the least please enable secure browsing in your security settings which is located in Account Settings.

These are some very basic steps to strengthen your security on Facebook ( Facebook Security ). If you know something more and new about these settings then please do share them in comment section below.



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