Friday, 3 May 2013

How To Setup Facebook Profile Without Surname

How To Setup Facebook Profile Without Surname

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How To Setup Facebook Profile Without Surname

This is a cool facebook trick which will allow you to setup your facebook profile name without entering a surname.

*First you need an Indonesian proxy. To get one go to this website and under 'Proxy Country' select Indonesia and then click on 'Update Results'

*Now down below you will get the list of Indonesian proxy list. Copy one fresh ip from the list. Make sure that the selected ip supports Https protocal and also suggest you to choose the Green rated speed and Connection Time and 8080 port.

How To Setup Proxy IP To Your Browser (for firefox)
(You can Google the method if you want to setup proxy ip in different internet browser)

Go to Firefox > Tools > Option > Advance > Network > Settings, fill the fields as illustrated in image below, and don't forget to check "Use this proxy server for all protocols".

1. Sign in to you facebook profile and go to "Account Settings". Now under 'General Account Settings', go to the bottom and change your language to "Bahasa Indonesia" and Save Changes.

2. Now go up and click on Edit(Sunting) next to your name. Here you can delete your last name (surname), type a password below (next to the letter 'Kata Sandi') and save changes (Simpan Perubahan).

3. Done! Now you the surname from your facebook profile is gone!

Update: Please note that Facebook does not allow you to change your name more than 3 times. This does not include the name you used at the beginning while registering a Facebook account.