Sunday, 28 October 2012

Create Your Own Online Radio Website!!?!?!

Want to create your own radio music server? Then read how interesting this post is!

    Go to the webpage where you want Radio to appear..

    Now Paste The Following Script into HTML Part of Your Website: (Like if you are in blogger, then click on New Post and then click on HTML)

    <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
    <span class="st_fblike_hcount" displaytext="Facebook Like"></span> <span class="st_plusone_hcount" displaytext="Google +1"></span> <span class="st_sharethis_hcount" displaytext="ShareThis"></span>  <iframe allowtransparency="true" border="0" frameborder="0" height="750" scrolling="no" src="" width="1045"></iframe>
    <span class="st_facebook_hcount" displaytext="Facebook"></span> <span class="st_twitter_hcount" displaytext="Tweet"></span> <span class="st_linkedin_hcount" displaytext="LinkedIn"></span> <span class="st_sharethis_hcount" displaytext="ShareThis"></span> </center>
    Radio Station Powered By <a href="" target="_blank">My Premium Tricks</a></center>

    Ta Da! You Are Done!!


Boot All operating Systems from PENDRIVE

Making a bootable USB flash drive for Windows Vista and Windows 7 isn't all that tricky, but it's always nice to find an app that simplifies things. Not only does WinToFlash make the process about as easy as it can get, but it can also create Windows XP, Server 2003, and Server 2008 installers.WinToFlash is a free download and is totally portable. It's an excellent tool to add to your USB-related utilities.

It's very convenient as it tarts a wizard that will help pull over the contents of a windows installation CD or DVD and prep the USB drive to become a bootable replacement for the optical drive. It can also do this with your LiveCD.

You don't have to worry about scratches on the disc or misplacing your original media discs once you transfer their contents to the flash drive. The optical drive is quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially in office environments, as media is shifted to the cloud.

Get It Here 

Activate the New YouTube Layout

Hi all users, Now a days YouTube is testing a new design for both the homepage and the video page, which will give it a much cleaner look than the current one.The new design is very much inspired by the one Google+ unveiled a few months back, down to the annoying amounts of whitespace used sometimes, made more visible by the left-centered layout.

Still, overall it's an improvement. YouTube is testing the new design with some users, but you can try it on for yourself, as always, by editing your YouTube cookies. Don't worry it's not like a daunting task, all it takes is to past one line of code into your browser's JavaScript console :)

How to Activate New YouTube Design in Your Browser :

In Firefox, all you have to do is hit

You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do this for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE here.

1. First of all , go to There, open the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K, in Chrome it's Ctrl+Shift+J. In Opera, you can hit Ctrl+Shift+I and select the Console tab in Dragonfly.

2. Then paste this piece code to the console :


3. Close your development tools, then reload The YouTubes. Voila! A fresh homepage for videos. Here’s what’s new:



Autoblog Samurai Pro Full Download

 This Auto Blog Samurai Review is more or less going to introduce you to what it can do for you. If you are a season pro or new to making money online then you know that time is money.With the Autoblog Samurai program spending hours of writing content and doing research is almost at an end. Auto blog Samurai is the first and only software that can create multiple revenue sites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Now I am not talking about creating just a few sites. Making money online is a numbers game and not all sites are going to perform that well. However the autoblog samurai system will allow you to create 10, 20, 50, even 100 profitable money making sites. These blogs can make you $1 to $100′s each a day.

How does Auto Blog Samurai work?

Well let me walk you through the simple steps and show you how easy it is to make money online and create simple money generating blog.

1. You will need to pick a niche, now there are literally 1,000′s if not millions of products out there for you to build a site on. However finding the ones that are top sellers and are profitable can be difficult.

2. Well that used to be the case, auto blog samurai will teach you how to find these profitable niches, that is great because you wont be wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t convert.

3. After you find your niche, the software will do all the research for you and write you solid SEO content loaded with profitable keywords that will drive traffic to your blog site, and traffic is money my friend.

Now it gets even better, auto blog samurai system will automatically load the content right on your blog.
It still gets better, with one simple click the autoblog samurai program will keep all your blogs updated with fresh daily seo strong content.

Change Your Facebook Timeline Into a Movie/Slideshow

 Hi all users, as you experienced that in today’s world, Facebook has been the most famous social networking website. You can enjoy the entertaining features of this website by just single click, you can search your old friends on this website and enjoy chatting with them. Facebook provides it's users a bundle of application from which they can enjoy commenting and complimenting on the results of the application. The transferring and sharing of the photos, articles, quoting and sayings are the best parts of this site which can also be done.

About Facebook Timeline:

In the past few months, Facebook had launched a timeline feature which provides the users the knowledge of their activity on facebook by date and time. In the facebook timeline profile of your friends, you can view the activities of your friends by date and time. For example, if you want to view any activity of your friend in the month of November in 2011, then you can just click on the November month in 2011 on the timeline profile of facebook, and you can gain access to every activity that your friend has done in the month of November.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Get Free Facebook Credits !! Facebook Credits Generator (2012)

What are Facebook Credits?

Facebook Credits are virtual currency that enables people to buy virtual items or game points on Facebook Platform. Currently, over 150 developers use Facebook Credits in more than 700 Facebook games and applications, which represents over 80% of virtual goods purchased on Facebook. Thousands of dollars are spent on Facebook credits each day. Facebook has strongly emerged as a Social Gaming Platform. Either it is FarmVille or Mafia Wars, tons of million users play these games each and everyday. There are a lot of people out there buying Facebook credits.

You can own Facebook credits by purchasing them. This purchase can be made via your PayPal or credit cards. But you don’t want spend your money. At the same time, every player has 1 question in mind, ” How to get Facebook Credits for free “. So lets have a look at how to get free Facebook Credits.
Some Features of This Tool :

13 inch Retina MacBook pro: Rumored price $1699

The small 13-inch MacBook (without Retina Display) has its base model priced at $1199 with 2.5GHz and go up to $1499 for 2.9GHz with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels.

According to rumors Apple will announce new MacBook pro with13-inch Retina display at iPad mini event on 23rd October. This price is a $500 more than current non-retina model MacBook. This similar piece with more add-ons like upgraded memory is expected just under $2000.

On 23rd October at the event, it is also expected that company will also release smaller version of iPad commonly known as iPad Mini. Maybe it will be featuring a7.85-inch screen about 2-inch smaller than current iPad which is having 9.7-inch screen. It is also expected that iPad Mini will have a lightning connector and upto 64GB of storage.

There is not any official confirmation about what will be released on October 23 as Apple had keep the lips tight as it every time does.,, Survey Bypasser 2012 (100% Working)

How to use Sharecash Suvery Bypasser Tool ?

1. First of all download the file, extract and execute the application.

2. Nind you Sharecash URL and copy it

3. If your URL look like:, etc Click on “Convert Mirror to Sharecash Link”

4. In Sharecash Reflector paste Mirror link and click on “Reflect” button.

5. Copy-Paste direct link in Sharecash Survey Killer v2 text box

6. Click “Navigate to Sharecash link” button

7. Wait for the application to load  (wait until “Download file” button is enable)

8. Click on “Download file” button (wait until downloading process be completed)

9. Now you're done, happy downloading :)

Minecraft Gift Code Generator 2012

Minecraft Gift Code Generator

This awesome tool will allow you to play Minecraft for free.The program is more of a premium account converter. It seems wrong to call it an account creator since it doesn’t make the account for you, only converting the account to Premium. There is no need of any Minecraft gift codes, the program will convert your account to a Premium account. Free Minecraft Gift Code Generator v3.2 are available exclusively for our site readers only. You can download and use them from the provided link below. 

Fileice Downloader v3.3 (2012) Bypass Filelice Survey

How to Bypass Survey ?

1. Download the tool by click on Download button below :

2. Run FileIce hack Tool.

3. Copy Fileice file URL location.

4. Paste link in textbox (Fileice link).

5. Click on “Navigate to Fileice” button.

6. Wait few seconds.

7. When “Download” button be enabled click it.

8. Now you're done. 

NOTE :- Your file will be downloaded on your desktop.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Split Your Files and Reduce Its Size!

Hello users! This post will help you to split any big file into small ones with the help of a software! There are multiple uses of splitting files... Moreover  it will join the files again too... Check it out!

Just download this File Splitter And Joiner From Here

 And use it!
I guess there is no use for giving tutorial for this post as it is quite easy to handle. But if still you are caught in something, then feel free to ask and we will give you a video tutorial!


Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 crack!! Working

Year 2013 is still 2 months away but Quick Heal and Kaspersky have released 2013 year versions of their antivirus software.

So I have come with the lifetime crack of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Just download the trial of Kaspersky Internet Security from and run the given file.

Typing Master Pro! Free crack: Direct Download

They join courses, they pay for the software, after that hopefully they learn typing in about 15 days only.
But what's the need to pay when egyhacks is here.Yup, today I have came with famous typing software Typing Master Pro and the 2 great things are:
1. This one is the latest version
2. The original price of the software is about $40 but you don't have to give even a penny for this.
 Just download the file (Steps inside).

Advantages of this software:

Total Recorder professional edition with add-ons : Crack

Are you looking for a screen recorder so that you can upload your own vids on sites like YouTube, Daily motion etc. Then you will be tired of websites giving fake infected recorders that don't work at all.
 Don't Worry, you have landed on the right place.

Advantages of using this software:

As it is a professional paid edition, therefore it offers many features. Its main features are:  

1. Capture streaming audio or record local audio files

2. Record any sound passing through any line of your sound card with the ability to     listen to audio being captured

3.Use Total Recorder as a VoIP recorder 

4. Convert files  

5.Edit sound files using a built-in sound editor

6.Play a media file at a slower or faster speed  

7.Records directly in any sound format

Paper Camera For Android Phones

Paper Camera

What's that??
Camera is the most useful tool in any smartphone. Everyone love to click pictures and share it with their near and dear ones. Paper Camera allows you to do all this in very attractive way. By using paper camera you can take pictures, edit them, share them and a lot more. You can also apply various effects like- greyscale effect, neon effect, paper sketch effect. That is the reason that it is the best pic editing android application.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Gold-Plated iPhone 5

Sure, the iPhone 5 is the most sought-after new phone on the planet right now, but for some it just doesn’t have enough bling.
For those high flyers, Gold & Co. of London has created a 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5, which will go on sale at the Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates. The price of the item hasn’t been disclosed. A top-of-the-line iPhone 5 with 64 GB retails for $849 without a contract. Gold-plated iPhone 4S devices run as high as $1,224 while a gold-plated iPad from Gold & Co. fetches around $4,600.

Of course, investing in a gold plating may not be such a crazy idea, given the iPhone 5′s propensity to scratch.

Image courtesy of Gold & Co.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Newly Updated: Kaspersky All Versions Keys..

Grap your Newly Updated Kaspersky All Versions Keys here:

Fresh and New: NOD32 And Eset Premium Keyzz!!

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"lol is this your new profile pic?" Skype message leads to Trojan

There is new spam campaign that designed to lure Skype users into clicking the malicious links provided in the fake messages.

A message that reads something like this "lol is this your new profile pic?[unique_string]." is being sent from compromised Skype accounts. The link provided in the message is created using the Google URL shortening service, leads to malicious sites instead.

Fortunately, the Google URL shortening service manages to kill the malicious shortened links in a very short time. But the attacker who run this campaign don't seem to be willing to give up just yet.

They are constantly abusing the Google URL shortening service by creating fresh links. Once user click the link, they are served a malware file called "skype_02102012_image.exe".

According to GFI report, running the file will cause it to self delete and the infected PC will begin making DNS requests to a number of URLs, including '.pl', '.com' and '.kz' .

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Switch (Hammer #15) by Sean Michael

Ewan's application to the Hammer Club has hit a snag. For some reason, Master Oliver has asked him to train alongside another Top before having his membership approved. Ewan's not sure where he screwed up, but he figures he must have done something wrong for Oliver to have taken this step.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Turbobit Premium Link Generator 2012

Turbobit Premium Link Generator 2012

Just enter your turbobit link and withing 3 seconds you'll get your premium link!

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Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Full.....

Why Quick Heal?

Quick Heal Total Security protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against all kinds of Internet or network-based threats. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats. It also provides security against new and unknown threats with Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan® Technology. Its improved Anti-Phishing feature ensures that you do not land on phishing sites when browsing the net. The Parental Control feature allows you to schedule Internet access for your children and its pre-configured restricted browsing ensures that children do not visit adult sites. The PCTuner tool improves the overall efficiency of your system and the PC2Mobile Scan feature scans, detects and removes malwares from your mobile phones. It utilizes minimum system resources, thereby giving complete protection to your system without slowing it down.

Runtime GetDataBack 4.30 FAT & NTFS Full

GetDataBack will recover your data in Hard Drive, Flash Disk and much more. And not only that, GetDataBack 4.30 FAT & NTFS can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows.

Internet dDownload Manager 6.12 Build 20 Full Download

Southern Soul (2012)

Southern Soul (2012)
R&B, Soul | X5 Music Group
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2012 | 01:09:28 | 167.65 Mb

Finding Happiness Within (2012)

Finding Happiness Within (2012)
Pop, R&B | B-Face
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2012 | 35 minutes 32 seconds | 85 Mb