Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fixing "Windows Is Not Genuine” Error Message (Windows 7)

If you use free version of windows 7 without activating it then definitely you might came across this “Windows is not genuine" message. Your computer might be running a counterfeit copy of Windows.” Do you get this error in Windows 7 each time you start your computer? So this post if for you s in this post we will feature how you can fix Windows 7 Genuine Version Error Message. So lest get started.

This error occurs because the copy of Windows 7 you are using is pirated which might be downloaded though internet. Microsoft verify the serial against a list of known leaked serials and if your serial matches one of them then it will pop up this error every time you boot your Windows. 

You Can Easily Fix This Error by Following The Simple Step :

1. First of all, download ‘WAT n WUD’. To download ‘WAT n WUD’ click here. 

2. After extracting, there will be two setup files – (1) WAT (2) WUD 

3. Then install WAT, this (installing WAT) will stop displaying the error message and won’t display again. It will require rebooting after the installation. 

4. Now Install WUD, this will stop your system checking for Windows updates. It will also require rebooting after the installation. 

That’s it. Now Windows will never display and disturb you with “Windows is not genuine” error message. 

Note : - If error begins again after months then just install both the software again.


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