Monday, 7 December 2015

Top Websites To Get Serial Keys and Cracked Versions Of Software

Computer software causes a computer to perform useful tasks (compare with computer viruses) beyond the running of the computer itself. To be frank, most of us are use to using cracked software, although i also do since most of the software available are expensive, and everyone cannot afford to buy them. A very good example is Microsoft which cost about some hundred7 of dollars, so those who can't afford it download the pirated/cracked version of it. But using cracked/pirate version from a site or person can be risky some times because most are infected with viruses, so it is advisable to get the serial keys.

In this post, I will give you the 10 Top Websites to download cracked software and get serial keys of software, without causing any damages to your PC.

Top Websites to get cracked and serial keys of software:

Choose any one you like and get your serial key/cracked software.

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