Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ryushare Premium Downloader 2013

 How to use This ?

1. First of all download the program and extract it, after extracting the RAR file double click on ' Ryushare Downloader2013.exe'. A window will appear like this :

2. Here you need to click on 'GetCode' button in order to get a unique access code for you.

3. Now you'll be redirected to an link click on 'skip ad' and get your unique access code.

4. Enter that unique code in input box and click on 'Enter Code' button.

5. Now you can see the Ryushare downloader's main window, here put the link that you want to convert into premium one.

Download Here

Free Bitshare Premium Link Generator 2013

Hi all users, today we're very glad to introduce a brand new Bitshare Premium Downloader which Supports Any Download Manager and download your file at More Fast speed...

Mega Speed ~ Upto 2Mbs Speed Per Second
Next Realse Bitshare Ultra Neno Version

 Requirement :

    Any Download manager
    Netframe Work v3.5
    Windows xp/7/8/vista/

Tips to Free up Your Hard Disk Space 2013

 Hi all users, assume you got some limited disk space and you need more disk space to do your work effectively but don't wanna buy an expandable disk, now what will you do ? I know you know many ways of adjustment and makeshifts,  but here we have something for you just follow the steps and free your disk for small memory so that u don't need to be in a haste while copying stuff. Let's see how to do it...

The best Methods to Free Disk Space :

1. Use CCleaner to quickly clear your Windows recycle bin, temporary Internet files, log files, memory dumps and other stubborn files that don’t show up in Windows Explorer. CClean also provides an option to clean your unused Windows Registry keys and your browser cookies but that won’t save any disk space.

2. Use Revo Uninstaller (the free version) to remove software programs, game demos and other stuff that you no longer use. Revo has a useful “hunter mode” to help you uninstall programs that are not listed in the “Add/Remove Programs” section of the Control Panel.

3. Use either WinDirStat or Space Sniffer to locate files that are taking the maximum amount of space on your hard disk and either erase the unnecessary ones or move them to another partition. You may also use Windows Desktop Search to easily find the largest files on your system from Windows Explorer.

4. Use Duplicate Cleaner to find duplicate files on your hard disk. These may include videos, documents, MP3s, zip archives, images and all other types of files. Duplicate Cleaner compares the MD5 hash of files – not just the file names or their byte size – and is thus pretty accurate at identifying duplicates. Another good alternative for removing duplicates is Duplicate File Finder – this is more suitable for novice users.

5. Check your downloads folder and get rid of all the program installers, driver packages, ISO files, IPSW files, virtual machines, and other bulky files that you may have downloaded from the Internet.

Fixing "Windows Is Not Genuine” Error Message (Windows 7)

 Hi all users, if you use free version of windows 7 without activating it then definitely you might came across this “Windows is not genuine" message. Your computer might be running a counterfeit copy of Windows.” Do you get this error in Windows 7 each time you start your computer? So this post if for you s in this post we will feature how you can fix Windows 7 Genuine Version Error Message. So lest get started.

This error occurs because the copy of Windows 7 you are using is pirated which might be downloaded though internet. Microsoft verify the serial against a list of known leaked serials and if your serial matches one of them then it will pop up this error every time you boot your Windows.

You Can Easily Fix This Error by Following The Simple Step :

1. First of all, download ‘WAT n WUD’. To download ‘WAT n WUD’  click here.

2. After extracting, there will be two setup files – (1) WAT (2) WUD

3. Then install WAT, this (installing WAT) will stop displaying the error message and won’t display again. It will require rebooting after the installation.

4. Now Install WUD, this will stop your system checking for Windows updates. It will also require rebooting after the installation.

That’s it. Now Windows will never display and disturb you with “Windows is not genuine” error message.

Note : - If error begins again after months then just install both the software again.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sunday, 6 January 2013

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