Kaspersky Activation Methods & Tools

 Hi guys in this page i'll be updating all the neccessory tricks, tips & tools relating on how to get the World's best Anti Virus " Kaspersky" for free. So keep on tuning!

Kaspersky Activation Keys For Free
 Here's an easy way to get registration keys for your Kaspersky Anti Virus & Kaspersky Internet Security. Just follow the instruction to activate your keys

Go to the following page, choose the key press download afterwards go back again and press download again
Dont go to next page!

 Click Here To Get Your Kaspersky Keys

                                    Another way of using Kaspersky key
Kaspersky 2011 Key Changer (Drag N' Drop)  no more registration code needed 

How to use the software:
How to delete a blacklisted key
Download the rar file from here
Launch the "Kaspersky 2011 Key Changer (Drag-n-Drop).exe" file from the zip file.
A new window pops out like in the first screenshot
Now Drag and drop your key file in it and it should install the keys.

1. If your previous keys are blacklisted, you should delete them, before using this 'drag and drop'. If you don't know how to delete the previous / blacklisted keys, then see second of the screenshot above.
2. Autohotkey Users can launch the '.ahk' file given within the zip file and may even modify it)

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