Saturday, 1 December 2012

Giveaway: 3 Days ZbigZ Premium Account for Free!

No premium since long time? Here we have now! ZbigZ Premium account. But this is better than the previous one as it gives you premium features for 3 days! Please continue to know more!

What Is ZbigZ?

ZbigZ, the online bittorennt client, is used to convert torrent links into direct ones so that you can download files with blazing speed!

How To Participate?

Follow the Giveaway below to participate:

Some points to note:

Giveaway would end on 15 December.
Every user has to comment with a picture proof of its entries. For example, if you have earned 100 entries, sign in and click a picture of it. And comment with picture link.
The user with maximum entries would win!

About The Author..

I am Technononimous, a regular writer on egyhacks, from MYPREMIUMTRICKS. I love to hack on hacking blogs only and I have a good knowledge about SEO,tips, tricks, etc.
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