Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Post a Facebook status from anyone's id!

Here is a 100% working method which will let you post any status from anyone's Facebook email-id. This method is easy to use and is not like others which don't work. Just follow my step-by-step guide: 

 1. Give this link to the person on which you want to apply this Facebook status hack.

2. After the person opens the above link, ask him to tell you the email id (as highlighted above) given there.
3. Now log-in to your Gmail account.
4. Click on compose.
4. After that, in TO section, enter the email address given by the targeted person.
5. In subject, write the text you want to post as a status from his/her id.
6. Leave the body field empty.
7. Click on Send.
8. Now just go to the timeline of that person, and see that the status will be there!

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