Monday, 19 March 2012

New Bot 100% Working

Follow the below steps to get this working 100%

1. Create approximately 10 adf.lylinks. As many links you create, more difficult will be to make money. Once you created the links, open the program and right click in the blank list space, then click "Add Links". Do this for every link.

2. Time to add the proxies. Check the "Enable Proxies" box and click on the button to search for the .txt file you made. Right, you have it? Let's move to the fourth.

3. Delay and reset time. The delay timer represents in how many seconds the program will use another proxy to click the links, the minimum you can set in the program is 30 seconds. It's for your secure, minus than 30 seconds will maybe cause in a permanent ban form adf.lyThe reset timer represents in how many seconds will the program starts from zero his proxy list and continue clicking the links. 60 seconds is the minimum.

4. You just need to do a right click on the blank space of the link list and select "Start". Relax, and take it easy!


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