Saturday, 24 March 2012

Breathless by AJ Hampton

Breathless by AJ Hampton
Kara Matthews always knew buying her first piece of real estate would be a rewarding experience. What she didn't know was how much of a reward it would be when she happens to fall in love with both Christian Taylor and Lindsey Keller, her bisexual neighbors who happen to be in a steamy relationship of their own. It was lust at first sight that drew her to both of her neighbors as they slowly, one at a time, seduced her into their beds and into their hearts. Having kept their relationship a secret, Christian and Lindsey, are both apprehensive about fully opening up to the sassy neighbor that won their hearts from the beginning. When they show her the love they share for each other, it turns out better than any of them could have fantasized about. In what seems like a natural progression, the loves embark on a relationship that ends with the three of them sharing each other's hearts as well as their bodies. The first time Kara sees two beautiful men exploring each other opens her eyes to all the erotic possibilities of being in bed with both of them. Walls are literally knocked down when Kara decides she can't live without either of them in her life, and in her bed.
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