Thursday, 29 March 2012

17-Year-Old KPN Hacker arrested by Dutch Police

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Barendrecht by Dutch High Tech Crime on suspicion of hacking into the KPN server and leaking account info. Hacker used online name "xS", "Yoshioka" and "Yui".

Earlier this year, Hacker break into one of the largest ISP in Netherlands "KPN"  and published the confidential data ,including username,passwords,phone-numbers, address.
In the wake of the hack, KPN suspended acces to 2 million e-mail and encouraged users to change their passwords.

When he was arrested at his home, the investigators seized an encrypted computer, two laptops and other storage media.

Besides the KPN hack , the suspect is also suspected of  hacking computers at KAIST and at Trondheim University in Norway, and of breaching the security of Tokohu University in Japan.  He is also thought to have been running a website used for selling stolen credit card data, according to the prosecution.

A judge ruled that he was to be kept in custody for at least two weeks. The suspect has legal support from a solicitor and was visited by the Dutch council for child protection.

According to De Bruin, the maximum penalty the teenager faces is two years in prison. The maximum penalty is reduced due to his age. "For an adult the maximum penalty would be six years imprisonment," De Bruin said.

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