Sunday, 26 June 2011

Remove Typed Url's Individually In Mozilla Firefox

Whenever you type an address in your browser address bar and hit enter that address will be stored by the browser.It will help your to easy access to that address when you wish to visit second time the same address.When start typing it will show you the recent visited URL for a reference.

But the problem arises with this facility is,if you are misspelled a address and hit enter it will also store that address .But according to you it is useless and will disturb you again and again if you try to visit the similar sites.And there is also another reason to delete URLs individually since any of your friends or family members don’t want to see that link later.

At this situation you may try to Clear all Private Data.But the problem with the clearing the private data is it will wash your history.I mean it will clear all your visited URLs.So here is the solution to clear your URLs one by one.

* You can simply drop down the address bar by putting your mouse pointer on the address bar and pressing the down arrow.

* It will list the URLs you visited

* Highlight the URL which you want to delete and press Delete button on your keyboard

* Done!

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