Saturday, 25 June 2011

HC Stealer

HC Stealer

> Awesome Password Stealers working with latest versions.

>Emails ChatLog Stealers. Now steal conversations from your slaves.

- MSN Chat Log Stealer
- Skype Chat Log Stealer
- Yahoo Chat Log Stealer
- Digsby ChatLog Stealer

> Generates Unique output everytime.

> Encryption on your sensitive details.

> Polymorphic Encryption on Strings and variables to keep it fud for longer. (Not fud anymore but you can use a crypter)

> Uses Dynamic API's with polymorphic encryption, which gets difficult for AVs to tag codes as virus.

> Codedom Based. No use of Stubs.

> Melt File.

> Add to Startup. You only need this feature if you want to check for updated passwords everyday on slave's computer.

> Small Server size.

> NO File is dropped, in the temporary folders to arouse suspicion.

> Icon Changer.

> Built in Assembly Editor to change info of server. If not used HCStealer randomizes assembly info itself.

> Spawn Fake Error.

> Building a Server has never been easier than this. Designed to build servers for the most naive users.

> Requires .net framework 2.0 which is available in most PCs.

> Complete UAC Bypass.

> PHP Logging, uses database to store all your fetched passwords.

> Tested and 100% working on Windows 7, XP. 32 bit and 64 bit.

>>>>Tested by Me<<<<

HC Stealer.exe

Informacion del Archivo

MD5: 1eef869fc6a5a0aa4a5602e3100b085d
Porcentaje detectado: 0 de 14
Estado: CLEAN


A-Squared - Nothing Found!
Avast - Nothing Found!
AVG - Nothing Found!
Avira - Nothing Found!
BitDefender - Nothing Found!
DrWeb - Nothing Found!
F-Prot - Nothing Found!
Kapersky - No Escaneado!
Ikarus - Nothing Found!
McAfee - Nothing Found!
Nod32 - Nothing Found!
Panda - Nothing Found!
Shopos - Nothing Found!
Vba32 - Nothing Found!

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