Monday, 6 June 2011

How To Rewrite Your Cd/Dvd?Blue-Ray Recordable Disc

Its a very simple trick to write again to a non rewritable disk.we all very often get that the disc we have burn,its has lots of space free, want to use this free space?
Ok, lets start.

First insert the disk into your CD/DVD/CD ROM.
Now launch the Nero software & choose make data DVD.
Now you will found that your disk is already written.
Select all the files in the box & click on remove or delete it.
This function will only show that your last data has been deleted.but not in real.
Now click on add in Nero software & add the programme & files,whose to you wanna write.
Remember select the data amount only equal to free space in your CD, DVD/blue-ray disc.
Now click on burn & let it to burn.

That’s it.your blank space in the disk has been used with your additional data.

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