Friday, 20 May 2011

How To Make Your Computer Faster

How to make your computer faster?

Well,this is so simple. Just follow some steps to make faster your pc.

1-Go to the command prompt & type: msconfig

2-Click on start up & disable all.

3-If you using windows7 or vista, then use the software called ready boost.
if you are windows xp users, then go to computer properties>advance>performance>settings>advance>vi rtual memory,now set the volume 20% more than recommended.

4-Increase pagefile of your computer. click on my my computer,click on the c:// drive,go to the properties of c drice & click on change virtual memory, now set the space how much you wana use for temp. memory.

5-Always delete your temp. file, click on start, go to run & click on it, type in box:%temp%
& hit the enter. So many files will open,select all & delete.

6-Again go to start, run, type in box: recent
& hit the enter
select all & delete.

7-Disable search indexing,go to my computer, right click on c drive,click on properties, check free to allow files on this drive to have contents indexed...., now click on ok & close it.

8-Download windows washer software.

9-Clean your disk. Go to start, all programms, accesories, system tool, disk clean up choose the c drive & click on clean. Do same with other drive.

10-Disk dgfr once in a week. go to start, all programms, accesories, system tool, disk degfragment, click on c drive & second click on degfragment. It will be start, let it be finish, same with all other drives.

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