Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to being 100% anonymous on Internet

 You are need 3 things: Firefox, Vidalia and Tor.

1.If you already have Firefox installed.

2.Tor Download it and unzip in Unit C of your operating system.

3.Complete instalation.

Ok. First install vidalia and second tor (extraction) copy file and paste in Disk C:

, after enter file tor (disck C) and click on icon.

and wait install ....

after some minuts you`re see this imagen and confirmate

Finally Go to google and type : mi ip adsl ... and check ur new ip.

This imagen show me, how to my country USA, but i am live in PERÚ.

imagen my new address-house jajaakakakakkaa

Note: This tutorial are dedicate for many user, their doesn't know and not look or maybe imagination how to surfing on internet anonymous.

Credit : __By.d0n0v4n__

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