Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some Good Tips and Tricks for Windows 7

- Open Windows Explorer, press the Windows key + E to open a new browser page.

- Windows Action Center: provides important information about your computer, such as antivirus state, updating, troubleshooting and also provides a choice of backup programming. To do this go to Control Panel> System Security> Action Center.

- Troubleshooting Windows platform: This platform helps solve problems that one can find in the system, such as Internet access, hardware devices, system performance, etc. This option gives you an explanation of the problem and how you should fix it.

- Turn off system notifications, as they are never useful, sometimes you wish to disable. For this you must double-click the notification area icon in Control Panel. There you can change the icons and notifications for the Activity Center, Red, volume, Windows Explorer, etc..

- Disable safety messages: Panel Activities ControlCentre and you can turn off notifications as Windows Update, Internet security settings, network security, spyware and protection, control of user accounts, virus protection, backup Windows, Windows troubleshooting or checking for updates.

- Run a program as an administrator: Ctrl + Shift.

- Automatic arrangement of desktop icons: now only need to press F5 to rearrange the icons on the desktop. However, this trick is only valid when they are few.

- USB Encrypt: to encrypt a USB drive has never been so easy. Now you can right-click on the removable drive, and then click the Enable BitLocker.

- Create a disk repair system: Windows 7 has a tool that lets you create a boot disk repair system that includes some system utilities and command line. Press the Windows key and disc repair system

- Hard-Link Store Migration: Allows you to migrate files, settings and user accounts.

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