Thursday, 20 November 2014

ThickButtons iOS 8 keyboard promo codes

ThickButtons enlarges keys and allows 
 thumb typers to input text accurately and naturally.

Enlarges your keys:
ThickButtons found the way to enlarge keys – it enlarges and highlights buttons, which you will most likely press next and shrinks the remaining ones, making thumb typing more accurate and convenient

Adjusts to your typing habits:
While other technologies are changing the way you type and require some kind of training , with ThickButtons you are typing on the same QWERTY keyboard in the regular multi-touch way you used to all your life.

Makes it easy to correct typos:
Other technologies depend pretty much on the dictionary so the acronyms or misspellings make users re-type the word from scratch. ThickButtons doesn’t depend on dictionary. It helps to correct your typos by enlarging three adjacent keys if the user presses backspace key.

ThickButtons iOS 8 keyboard promo codes, redeem in iTunes/App Store


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