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How To Get Skype Call History From iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

How To Get Skype Call And Chat History From iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

iPhone call history skype
How To Get Skype Call And Chat History From iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Hi, if you are wondering how to get/view skype's call and chat history from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch than here is a solution for that. You need iFunBox and SkypeLogView in your PC and follow the following procedure:

download iFunBox from here and
download SkypeLogView from here

Open iFunBox and connect your iDevice to your PC with usb
Your iFunBox will show the name of your iDevice on the top right hand corner if the connection is successful
Now go to iFunbox Classic (top left hand corner) and below that click to expand Connected Devices.
Click on User Applications
Than on right you'll find your apps.
Look for Skype and double click on it.
iphone skype call history logs

Double click on Library, Application Support, Skype and now on the folder with your skype account name on it.

skype chat history iphone

chat skype iphone
calls history logs iphone

Look for "main.db", right click on it and click on "Copy To PC..."
Save that file on your desktop.
Close your iFunbox.

On your PC look for C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\(Your skype id here)
Now move and replace the "main.db" file with your saved main.db file
iPhone iPad Calls Logs skype

After the main.db file is replaced open n' run SkypeLogView
Under Select Skype Logs Folder/Filename it should show someting like this:
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\Your Skype ID
(And if it doesn't show something like this than u can copy paste the above inside that box. Just change "User Name" and "Your Skype ID)
Click OK

Now right click your mouse and click on Save Selected Items.

iphone skype call logs


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