Saturday, 29 September 2012

Yahoo! Phishing Scam: Intrusion into Your Account

Yahoo! Phishing Scam: Intrusion into Your Account

A phishing email that’s designed to trick Yahoo! users into handing over their usernames and passwords is making the rounds these days.

According to reports from, the email reads something like this:

Service Update

Our security system has noticed an intrusion into your account, which shows that someone tried to access your email account without your permission. We have limited access to your account due to this problem. You are advised to verify your account


Thank you for helping us serve you better.

Customer Service Yahoo!

Users who fall for it and click on the link are taken to a free domain that’s been set up to host a phishing page. The webpage replicates the genuine Yahoo! login page in hopes that unsuspecting internauts will provide their login credentials.

We advise users to check the URL of a website before entering their credentials. If the “https” connection or the padlock icon are missing, it’s most likely a scam.

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