Sunday, 8 April 2012

Twitter continue to combat spammers’ efforts, files Lawsuit against spammers

Social Networking Giant Twitter continue to combat spammers' efforts.  This time, they filed a Lawsuit in US court against Five websites that it accuse of creating most aggressive tools for spamming.

"This morning, we filed suit in federal court in San Francisco against five of the most aggressive tool providers and spammers. With this suit, we’re going straight to the source. By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal."Twitter statement reads.

"Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter."

The defendants listed in the suit filed in the U.S. Federal Court in San Franciso are TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero of and Garland E Harris of, according to Reuters report.

Source: E Hacking News

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