Friday, 1 July 2011

Avast! Internet Security 6.0.1198 Beta

Avast! Internet Security 6.0.1198 Beta | 76 Mb

Avast! Internet Security - has incorporated all high-efficiency technologies for maintenance of one purpose: to give you the highest level of protection against computer viruses. avast! Internet Security includes an antivirus of Avast, and also the module processes, the filter and built in Search of viruses in letters is supported, is available scripts. The virus base is constantly updated and can be downloaded through the Internet.

The decision avast! Internet Security provides complex protection against viruses, espionage ON, spam and protection by means of a fireproof wall and now it is added by new technology avast! SafeZone. This technology creates the isolated virtual desktop invisible to the potential burglar on which it is possible to make safely purchases and bank operations on the Internet.

That new in Avast 6.0:

- AutoSandbox – suspicious programs will be started in "a sandbox" mode
- avast! WebRep – a plug-in for the browser with display of reputation of a visited site; a combination of the data of our virus laboratory and voices of users
- The screen of scripts now and in Free AV
- SafeZone – a special virtual zone for carrying out of "sensitive" operations (for example, safe online ) (only in paid versions)
- Possibility of restoration of options by default (Options (Settings)-> the Decision of problems (Troubleshooting)
- Automation of actions at loading scanning
- The new method of compression has allowed to reduce the size of an adjusting package by 20 %
- The screen of scripts operates now in IE8/IE9 at work in the protected mode
- A gadget for the lateral panel
- Improvements of stability and compatibility in the behavior Screen
- Improvements in avast! sandbox

The basic technologies:

• the Anti-virus and antiespionage kernel
• Protection from in real time
• Base avast! Community IQ
• Studying of receptions of malefactors in unprotected networks
• Intellectual means of check avast! Intelligent Scanner
• Intellectual updatings of virus bases
• the Automatic/game mode
• "the Green" computer
• the Board of file system/e-mail
• the Web board
• Board P2P / instant messages
• the Network board
• a behavior Board
• the Board of scripts
• Isolated avast environment! Sandbox
• the Automatic fireproof wall
• Antispam

Protection screens in real time avast! – protection 24/7:

• the Screen of file system - Scanning of open/executed files in real time.
• mail Screen - Checks all entering and outcoming mail on presence harmful ON (for MS Outlook the special connected module is used).
• the Web screen - Scans all seen web pages, the loaded files and java-scripts. Thanks to intellectual function of scanning of a stream the web screen doesn't slow down your work on the Internet.
• Screen P2P / the Screen of instant messages - Checks the files loaded by means of P2P-programs, at use of programs of an instant exchange by messages or chats.
• the Network screen - Provides protection against network viruses at the expense of two components: the Blockader of URL-addresses for blocking harmful URL and undemanding to resources system of detection of intrusions.
• the Screen of scenarios - Finds out the harmful scripts hidden in web pages, without allowing to intercept it management of the computer and to do it potential harm.
• the behavior Screen - Blocks threats of "zero day» and unknown harmful ON even before reception of definitions of viruses.


• Support of 64-digit versions - Support of platforms Windows 7 and Windows Vista with 64-digit architecture.
• the Heuristic kernel - Preventively finds out harmful ON, not revealed by means of standard definitions and signatures of viruses.
• the code Emulator - Is realized a principle of the dynamic translation, different by speed in comparison with traditional emulation, for the general unpacking and in a heuristic kernel.
• Automatic processing - the Infected files are processed automatically without inquiry of instructions of the user.
• Intellectual updatings of definitions of viruses - Inkrementalnoe updating minimizes the size of files of regular updatings.
• Fast application of updatings - the New format of a file of definitions of viruses accelerates updatings and reduces requirement for CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT and memory resources, providing with that computer trouble-free work.
• Optimization of multiline check - Possibility of division of large files between kernels thanks to what check process on new multinuclear central processors is accelerated and raises speed of work avast even more!.
• Awakening / the Planned checks - a scanning Lay-out during night or any other time of inactivity of the personal computer.
• the Scanner of a command line - scanning Start it is direct from a command line.

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